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Tire Detailer

$12.95 inc. GST

Lasts 2x longer than trigger sprays. Dress your tires in no time with Eagle One’s innovative Tire Detailer.

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Lasts 2x longer than trigger sprays

Dress your tires in no time with Eagle One’s innovative Tire Detailer. This all-in-one applicator plus tire gel features a contoured shape applicator head for easy use. There’s no mess and less to carry!

  • High gloss shine lasts 2X longer than trigger sprays
  • No sling
  • Easy-to-use — just squeeze bottle to apply tire gel
  • Contoured shape for easy application and no messy hands
  • Dresses up to 40 tires

How to Use

  1. Before using, twist-off applicator head and remove shipping seal. Replace head.
  2. Hold bottle with head tilted up. Squeeze to saturate sponge with tire gel before applying.
  3. Ensure that sponge is thoroughly saturated and apply the tire gel evenly over the tire side wall using a sweeping motion. Squeeze gently as you go to release more tire gel as you need it.
  4. When finished, wipe any excess tire gel from the head to prevent dripping and store in an upright position.


Q. The applicator head seems to stick to the tire as I am applying it. Why is this?
A. Ensure that you have thoroughly saturated the sponge with the tire gel before you start applying to the tire. It may take the sponge one full application on one tire before it is fully saturated.

Q. How long should I expect my tires to stay shiny?
A. Eagle One’s unique tire gel formula usually lasts 7-10 days depending on the driving conditions.

Q. When I use spray products, I notice that the product slings on to the side of my vehicle when I drive. Will this product have the same problem?
A. No. The Tire Gel formula adheres to the tire wall better, and the sponge application prevents the product from slinging on to the painted surfaces of your car.